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Betsafe free spins 02.2012 - no deposit casino bonuses in February 2012

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Betsafe free spins 02.2012 - no deposit casino bonuses in February 2012

Post by Admin on Wed Feb 01, 2012 8:51 pm

Betsafe Casino (Red and Black) Bonuses in February 2012

# The general welcome bonus for Betsafe Casino Red is 100% up to €100.

# For Betsafe Casino Black the general welcomebonus is: 100% up to €200. Bonuscode: FD200 to be used when transfering money to Casino Black.

2012-02-01 to 2012-02-02: Deposit €20, wager once and get free spins. Casino Red.
SE, NO, FI: 40 Free spins
LV, PL: 20 Free spins
Wagering requirements: x35

2012-02-03 to 2012-02-05: 3 days of Free spins. Casino Red.
Friday: Starburst. SE, NO, FI: 7FS, LV, PL: 3 FS
Saturday: Jack and the Beanstalk. SE, NO, FI: 5 FS, LV, PL: 3 FS
Sunday: Fruit Shop. SE, NO, FI: 5 FS, LV, PL: 3 FS
Wagering requirements: x35

2012-02-08 to 2012-02-09: Play Live Casino and get free spins. Live Casino.
Place at least €10 in the live casino and get 50 free spins on Kings of Chicago the next day
SE,NO,FI,PL: 40 FS on kings of Chicago
Wagering requirements: x35

2012-02-10 to 2012-02-10: Fixed Reload bonus. Casino Red
SE,NO,FI: 50% up to €25
LV,PL: 50% up to €10
Wagering requirements: x35

2012-02-12 to 2012-02-12: Free spins on Hall of Gods. Casino Red.
Wagering requirements: x35

2012-02-13 to 2012-02-13: Risk free bet. Casino Black
€X risk free bet. Lose €X of your own money and get credited with €X hard cash.

SE,FI: €10 risk free bet - Bonus Code: RISKFREE
LV,PL: €5 risk free bet - Bonus Code: NORISK

2012-02-13 to 2012-02-27: Free spins on Starburst in Norway:
25 free spins on Starburst
Wagering requirements: x35

2012-02-15 to 2012-02-15: Earn free spins on Gonzos Quest. Casino Red.
Make it to the free fall bonus 3 times and get 100 FS on Gonzo on Thursday
SE,NO,FI,LV,PL: 100 fs on Gonzo's Quest if
they qualify for the promotion
Wagering requirements: x35

2012-02-17 to 2012-02-17: Brunch Free spin and after work reload. Casino Red.
Brunch free spins on Jack and the Beanstalk
between 11 - 14 CET
Afterwork 50% up to €10 reload bonus 19 - 21 CET

SE, NO, FI = 5 free spins on Jack and the Beanstalk
LV, PL = 3 free spins on Jack and the Beanstalk
Wagering requirements: x35

SE,NO,FI,LV,PL: 50% up to €10 reload bonus
Wagering requirements: x35

2012-02-21 to 2012-02-22: Free spins on new game Subtopia. Casino Red.
NO: 10 fs. SE,FI: 7 fs. LV,PL: 3

to 2012-02-25: Deposit €20, wager once and get free spins on new game Subtopia. Casino Red.
SE,FI: 50, NO: 60, PL,LV: 30

February Campaigns for Denmark:100% up to 1000DKK.
Bonuses can be used for any product. Wagering requirement for Casino will be 40 times on bonus amount adn 6 times with odds higher than 1,5 for Sportsbook.

The wagering requirements in Sportsbook and Casino will count proportionate between the products depending on where the customer wants to play with them.

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